A Look Into the Newspaper Staff


Written by: Jaedin Turner, Social Media Manager

Have you ever received an email on Monday morning with a quick look at a couple of stories and clicked on the link to read the rest? Have you ever thought about how many hours or edits were made to that one, single story you read? Whether you have or not, those stories are brought to you every week from the newspaper staff. Currently, the staff consists of sponsor Erin Horn, senior Alyssa Tyler, juniors Lexi Fishe, Emily Long, Maya Serrano, Jaedin Turner, Rylee Jones and sophomores Narissa Hampton and Lake Harrington. Tyler is the Editor-In-Chief and mainly focuses on social media, editing stories and posting them on The Bobcat Network and social media accounts.


“I always had a big passion for writing and I used to be interested in creative writing. My favorite story, I’ve ever written would have to be Cross Country the Team with Heart. I feel like that’s the one that had the biggest impact and it was the most enjoyable to write because I was able to tie some of that creative writing back into it. When it comes to other stories, I love asking the hard questions. But overall with newspaper the stories were never ‘oh I have a homework assignment.’ It was something that I wanted to go to,” said Tyler.


Horn has been the newspaper sponsor for five years at Basehor-Linwood High School although she has been teaching for eight total. In college, she majored in Journalism. Horn decided to teach newspaper for multiple reasons including being involved in it through both high school and college, and a teacher that helped her fall in love with journalism.

“When I was in high school I had a teacher named Ms. Tipling, we called her T-Momma’ and probably the number one reason I got into journalism.  I really enjoyed the class itself, but more so it wasn’t even the content that I liked so much, but the fact that it was like a family. It was a place I could go, relax and it wasn’t a stressful class. There were stressful parts of it, but I became close with my peers that were in my class. I was able to do something that I love while I was enjoying it. It wasn’t like a job for me, it was just fun all the time,” said Horn. 

Not only is being on the newspaper staff like having another family, but you also get to express your opinion. While Horn is the advisor of the publication, she is not allowed to stop something from being printed. Tyler is ultimately in charge of which stories can run and which cannot. 


“At the end of the day my main focus is quality. If it doesn’t reach the word count, poorly done interviews, or just overall not well written, it doesn’t go on the website. I know that the newspaper staff is super talented, and I want the website to reflect that talent,” said Tyler. 


Since Tyler has been on staff, multiple changes have been made to the class. She recalled that the stories must now be better quality and the deadlines are stricter. Tyler also thinks that the newspaper could play a special role in the community.


“We [the staff] write about things we are passionate about and that we think need to be improved. I feel like, with newspapers especially, if we can connect to the community more, we could change things,” said Tyler.


Next time you receive an email with stories linked I challenge you to find the most interesting one and click on it. Just by reading the story you are helping the staff to fulfill their goals. Try leaving a comment about what you would like to see in the future to help improve the story topics as well.