The Tradition Continues


Written by: Julia Stevens

      The class of 2013 was full of athletes, scholars, and musicians. Now, the class of 2014 will gradually follow in their footsteps. 2013 graduate Chance Ryder said, “High school was four fun years that I wish I could go back to. It hasn’t hit me that I am no longer in high school, but when it does I know that I will miss it.”

    In every class of seniors there are some that can’t wait to get out of high school and there are some that just don’t want to leave quite yet. For Taylor Sherley, she couldn’t be more excited to get out of high school. Taylor says it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that she will graduate next year.

    Soon to be senior Rachael Bell said,”It’s going to be bittersweet to graduate next year. I have so many memories at BLHS and although I’ve been looking forward to graduation night for 12 years, I will still miss high school a lot.”

    When it comes to senior year, most students want to do their last year of high school differently than the rest of them. They try to get better grades or try to not get into trouble as much. Some try to cause as much chaos as possible as they graduate.

    Taylor doesn’t plan to do anything special. She is just going to do make it through the year to graduation and not worry about anything else. Her motto for the next year is “Graduation or Bust.”

    On the other hand, Rachael is planning to work at Simple Simon’s as much as possible to save up for college tuition.

The most asked question asked to a senior is “What are your plans for after graduation?” Well, Taylor plans to attend Johnson County Community College (JCCC) for her first year then attend the University of Missouri (MU) for her last three years. She plans to major in photojournalism. As for Rachael, she plans to attend cosmetology school after she graduates.

    Let’s wish the class of 2014 the best of luck with their final year of high school and their plans after graduation.