Spring Break Stories


#2K14. You probably saw that a lot this spring break on Instagram or Twitter. Every year during spring break you hear of people going to exotic places. This year at BLHS, students and teachers went all around the US, and some even left the country. Here are some of BLHS students’ stories they shared from the break.

Garrett Seuser didn’t go too far. He went to Branson and shopped with his mom and sister. “It was terrible,” he said. He said his mom accidentally left him on the highway.
Another crazy story comes from Allison Crist and Susette Garcia. They went to South Padre Island, Texas along with four other graduates from the class of 2013.

Allison said, “We rode down in a Greyhound bus. It was so terrible we were about to sue. Not only did we have a drug bust on the way, but Immigration Services came onto the bus to check all of our ID’s. After all that happened, our bus driver then got lost and we missed our connecting bus.”

But it soon got better for them. While they were down there, they met multiple cool people, including two famous people which they hung out with, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Porter.

Quinn Walcott and her sister Jensen traveled all the way to Wahoo, Hawaii. While they were there, they went snorkeling, tanning on the beach, and Quinn also said she got lost in the jungle.

When Quinn went on the running trails she took a few wrong trails. “Honestly I freaked. I thought, ‘Oh my God! I’m going to be lost forever in this jungle, and no one is going to find me.’ I also thought, ‘Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.’”

Journalism teacher Kristen Loney went to the country of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is located in the Caribbean Sea, just north of Venezuela. Mrs. Loney and her husband went as sponsors on a mission trip with his school. They took a group of 33 high school seniors on the trip.

“I think one of the coolest things we did was when we went to a place called the Rebirth House. It was a drug rehab program built in the middle of the jungle. We brought about 20 of the kids there and held a church service with the rehab patients. We taught them some of our songs and we learned some of theirs. We had some kids share there stories with the men. My husband also preached to the group, and afterwards we all split into groups and talked and prayed with the men. After that they performed for us, with these things called steel drums and everybody was dancing and having a great time,” Loney said.

Many students also traveled to Florida over spring break. One was Claire Dunham where she went with her boyfriend and his grandparents to Key West, Florida.

Another set of students that went to Florida were Jacob and Ashley Hicklin. They went to Universal Studios, the Gulf of Mexico, and Indian Rock Beach. Jacob said, “It was great and very sunny. The weather was perfect! I was sad when I had to come back to 20 degrees and snow. But on the bright side, i got to take my girl (his Camaro) for a spin.”