No Shave November Update


Photo by: Clay Beebe

Senior Tyler Kendrick shows off his beard in honor of No Shave November.

As the weather gets colder, the human body naturally gets hairier. In a school half-full of high school boys, it is especially hairy. Senior Tyler Kendrick is one of those especially hairy high school boys.

According to some reports, Tyler has been growing his beard since 6th grade. Since that time, people have mistaken him for being in his early twenties, but this senior is barely 18 years old now.

“I trim it down every two weeks and clean up my neck every other day,” Tyler said. He said he likes to keep his beard “to impress some of the the older kids around me.”

Beards are useful for a wide variety of activities: showing off manliness, shaving it into a stylish mustache, and even saving soup for later. And they always look great.

A survey conducted by found that ⅔ of women found that men with beards were more attractive than a clean shaven face. That’s good news for the 55% of men worldwide who do sport facial hair.

In other news, senior Jared Hiss has shaved his beard, thus ending the year long journey of his majestic hair to impressive beard ratio. It is unknown if he will cut his hair, but it will be a great loss for the Basehor-Linwood community.