The Coming Storm


IMG_20150914_0003Photo by: Erin McGowan

In July 2015, Basehor-Linwood High School made the call to put forward the funds for the current students to receive MacBook Airs. Now, the time has come for students to finally get those laptops. Many voices in the school are abuzz. Talk of possible problems and issues the school will have with these new devices is one of the most popular subjects surrounding the laptops.

It will take a while before paper is something of the past.”

— Lisa Lund

Common concerns include the handling of and safety of the laptops, the stability of the servers in the upcoming roll out week, and finally, the usefulness the laptops will serve in the classroom. An air of excitement surrounds everyone from freshmen to seniors. Every student hopes for their school lives to be made easier with the addition of the $900 laptops.

Sophomore Libby Stallbaumer said, “With the laptops, I won’t lose as much stuff.”

The students hopeful and the teachers are eager. A common phrase that any BLHS student can expect to hear from a teacher is, “When we get the laptops…”

By this, one can begin to trust in the intuitive mind a teacher relies on to keep their classes engaging and challenging. But, could one think the teachers are over eager?       

District Technology Coordinator Lisa Lund, one of the key people involved in laptop distribution, said, “I think every teacher will be different… it will take some time, because it’s not an ‘all or nothing.’ It will take a while before paper is something of the past.”

In the case of external and internal safety of the laptops, students can expect to always be required to keep their MacBooks in their cases. Surprisingly, however, the laptops will be under no security restrictions when the student leaves the school campus. So, the true limits of the laptops rest in the students’ sense of responsibility. How will they handle it? Will the rollout be a success? Find out in our next coverage of the MacBook rollout.