Laptop Rollout: Day 1


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Tuesday, September 13 marked the beginning of the laptop rollout for students at Basehor-Linwood High School. During their English classes, students were excused in groups to go to the library and go through the process of checking out and setting up their laptops. Members of the new Information System Support class were also present to assist in the event. The rollout will continue until Friday, September 16, and by then it is expected that all students will be in possession of their brand new personal laptops.

There is much excitement in the air in respect to the rollout of these laptops. In the library, there was almost more of an anxious feeling. Each student was walking into a new, uncharted area. Thankfully, members of the new tech class were there to assist in the setup of these devices. In addition, a few different adults, such as Mrs. Nahrebeski, danced about the room to help with all of the questions. There’s no doubt that students receiving their laptops were in good hands.

It will be interesting to see how these laptops change the school, both in how things are taught and also in changes made to the structure of the school. With all this technology, there will need to be an sufficient supply of energy from the outlets around the school, not to mention a strong WiFi network. So far, everything is off without a hitch. Should any issues come up, the new Information System Support class will be there to assist.