Mrs. Martin’s Atom Party

Photo by: Colin Coon
A group of people eat together.

On September 25, Mrs. Martin’s Gold One class had a party. This party, however, was unusual in that it was based around atoms and four of the main contributing scientists to the atom. Four groups in the class had to make a food that represented their scientist’s atom. They were given the time between two classes to accomplish this.

The first group was tasked with making a food to represent Democritus’s model of the atom, so they made oreo balls, for they are uniform and the inside is unseen. The people in this group were Bailey S., Samantha R., Colin C., Morgan B., William W., and Abbey E.

The second group was tasked with making a food to represent Dalton’s model of the atom. This group brought M&M’s, because Dalton’s theory was that atoms look different for every element. The people in this group were Tristan M., Austin C., Ryan S., Ethan D., and Colton L.

The third group was told to create a food to match Thomson’s model. They brought a pizza, because Dalton said that the whole atom was a nucleus, and that the electrons are just sprinkled around in the atom. The people in this group were Darren R., Katrina S. Alyssa M., Tyler C., Tiara B., and Julia S.

The fourth group was given the model of Rutherford to recreate. This group brought in sugar cookies that had Hershey’s Kisses on top. The Kiss represented the nucleus, which is surrounded by the cookie, or the electron cloud. The people in this group were Katie Y., Maddie H., TJ W., Zach H. and DJ K.

All the groups accomplished their goal of making the food to represent the models. The class of the party they all explained how their food represented the models, and then they ate.