Students Come Together for a Night of Frights


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Every year, the Basehor Community Library kicks off the month of October with its first haunted trail meeting. The haunted trail consists of anywhere between 30 and 60 middle school and high school volunteers.

“I’ve done it for years. I don’t actually remember exactly how long,” junior Alex Teeters said. “I really liked the cooking show [from last year], where I got my hand cut off.”

Teeters said he thinks his execution in this year’s trail will be “pretty interesting.”

The haunted trail is just a really fun experience, especially for someone who’s a sucker for both costumes and scaring small children.”

— Mack Grimes

Katelyn Sanders, a sophomore, has been doing the trail for five years. Sanders pioneered the “creepy schoolgirls” act that has been a Haunted Trail staple every year since. “I’m in between the creepy schoolgirls, and the freak show’s ring leader,” Katelyn said of her favorite act.

Ben Dewitt has done the trail “three, maybe four years.”

“It’s entertaining, plus I love Halloween,” DeWitt said when asked why he’s done it for so long. DeWitt also said his favorite act he’s done in the past is “being a mentally insane person.”

Junior Mack Grimes has been doing the trail for four years, this year being her fifth, having started in the seventh grade. Grimes continues to come back to the trail because Halloween is the “beautiful cinnamon roll [of the holidays]” and it must be “protected at all costs.”

“The haunted trail is just a really fun experience, especially for someone who’s a sucker for both costumes and scaring small children,” Grimes said. She was a cracked porcelain doll in last year’s trail.

“[Someone] would come up and pull a string attached to my costume and I’d ‘come to life,’ approaching them with really jerky motions saying things like ‘You’ll be my friend, won’t you? Forever…’ and ‘Play with me,'” Grimes said. She would give a high-pitched cackle as they continued down the trail. “I can’t say much, but it seems this year we have a lot of group acts. There may be an execution – or five – involved,” Grimes said about this year’s upcoming trail.

There are a lot of people involved in the trail that don’t get enough credit for the time they’ve put into it to make it good. They’re all united by one thing they love: scaring little children to the point of tears. The Haunted Trail group meets every Wednesday in October from 4:30 to 5:30, and this year the night of the trail will be Friday, October 30. The students involved put a lot of work and effort into the trail, so make sure you come check it out!