School Assembly on Internet Safety with Christa Dubill

Mrs. Dubill begins the assembly with great enthusiasm and energy.


In the age of electronics, high schoolers are at constant risk from the many dangers of online interactions. In response to this pressing issue, co-anchor Christa Dubill from KSHB Channel 41 came to BLHS to host an assembly regarding Internet awareness and safety.

Also with Dubill was a special agent from the Child Exploitation Unit of the FBI. During his informative presentation, he gave examples of criminals who have effortlessly taken advantage of minors online.

Subjects like sextortion, sexting and child porn were discussed in depth during the presentation. The agent’s firsthand experience in tracking down sex offenders exposed to the audience a cautionary tale of Internet safety. Hopefully, with the aid of this presentation, the students and staff of BLHS will be more wary of the many crimes that can occur on the world wide web.