What’s Going On in the 2016 Election?


hillary-won-debate The 2016 election has been a rollercoaster ride, with ‘political revolutions’ from left-wing candidates like Bernie Sanders and 22 GOP candidates announcing their bids for the White House.

In the end, the race has been whittled down to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump, and as we all know, it hasn’t been a clean one. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll of likely voters across the country found that 61% were ‘alarmed’ about the presidential election.

With scandals marring both parties and candidates, it’s been a rough experience, with Stress In America surveys showing that an average of 57% of voters are stressed about the election.

The nationwide polls open on Nov. 8, and after that, the months of campaigning and millions of dollars spent will be behind us, and the new president will be set to assume the leadership on Jan. 20.

Nevertheless, these last few weeks are as heated as ever, following health accusations on Secretary Clinton, sexual assault claims from women against Mr. Trump, and overall madness coming from the debates, according to David A. Graham of the Atlantic.

So, with scandals across the board, and mishaps in almost every category possible, there have been disheartening moments in this election cycle, but it’s important to stay involved and informed.