Classroom March Madness Tournament


It’s that time of the year, and millions of Americans are filling out the famed March Madness brackets, trying to predict each matchup and the overall winner of this year’s tournament. This year, business teacher Cody Ziegler is taking it a step further, and making a classroom competition, opening up a bracket challenge to students.

While there isn’t any prize, the competition has four categories, All, Boys, Girls and Teachers. Ziegler expects around 90 kids to fill out brackets for his competition, and plans to keep this going for future years. However, he doesn’t have high hopes that any kid will get it right, and the stats corroborate that.

“No, not a chance. I think I read there’s a one in one billion, 500 million chance of getting it right,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler plans to enter the competition himself, and has done his homework, though he’s not sure that helps.

“I’ve watched a lot of games, I think about matchups, about how one team will fare against another, but in all the years that I’ve done it, I’ve only picked the winner once,” Ziegler said.

Some people spend countless hours poring over games and statistics to pick the winners, and others go for the easier method, either guessing or basing the picks off of arbitrary things, like jersey colors or mascots. Though those strategies seem to be just as good as the intense ones.

“My wife does that, and she beats me as much as I beat her,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler and his Small Business Management classes will keep track of the brackets, and keep looking for the one that beats the odds.