BLHS Student Dive Into Their Roles

Written by: Lane Barrette, Reporter

Taking the plunge under the sea for the 2017-18 musical, The Little Mermaid, has a few more steps before the cast brings the musical to life. The live performances will take place on Nov. 9-12, but before the very first rehearsal, the auditioning process took place. Regardless if this is your first or last theater production, director, Rebecca Knowles always finds a spot for everyone.

Knowles and, music director, Cindy Reynolds are the only ones to decide which roles go to which students. Though previous theatrical roles at BLHS may influence possible casting positions, no one is definite for getting a certain role.  

“We always refer to the casts we’ve had in the past and consider who will potentially be returning to auditions when selecting the next musical as we need to make sure that we have enough potential cast members. We may have some ideas as to who may fit certain roles, but we have always ended up with completely different casting than what we originally imagine,” said Knowles.

While Knowles is able to find a spot for each person, the role she assigns may not be the exact role the student would be auditioning for. According to Reynolds, this is one of the tougher aspects of the auditioning process.

“I love seeing the die-hard theater kids every year. I love seeing how they have grown as performers. I also like seeing that specific musicals will draw out students who would not have otherwise auditioned. And I love seeing students I have taught in elementary music again,” said Reynolds. “The least favorite is easy. It is hard to disappoint a student by not casting them in the role for which they so desperately wanted.”

Knowles and Reynolds always come to a consensus about choosing a cast. The official cast doesn’t become public until the following week, after auditions.

“The hardest part of the audition process is being patient. You have to wait a few days before you know the cast list, and those few days go by very slow. Every minute seems longer than the last until you finally go to the first script read-through,” said senior, Tristan McGehee.

Although it is too late to audition for an onstage part for The Little Mermaid now, the cast also involves the crew and pit.