Eliminator: Not to Rain on your Parade…

Written by: Miyala Harris, Reporter

This year’s National Honor Society host the Eliminator game their second time around after a three year break in 2015. There is a $5 fee for all students who are participating. A portion of the entry fee will go to the winner, while the other half is donated to a charity of the organization’s choice.

“NHS has not officially chosen the charity we will donate too, but we are looking into donating to natural disaster relief for the victims of the forest fires in Montana,” President of NHS Amy Eberth said.

Like most games, there are instructions that the students must follow. The students are sent an email and in that email their target will be listed. The goal is to splash their targeted player with water.

“All players will receive an email with their specific targets name. Then, when a player gets their target out, they will let me know and I will give them their next target,” Eberth said.

While there aren’t many instructions to the game, there are boundaries. Students may not target on school property (the parking lot’s okay), in a place of worship, inside the workplace, inside of cars (running or not), while driving, inside of a target’s home without a family member’s consent [and] not during any sport or activity on school property.

“We put rules in place for safety reasons, we don’t want nonsense to be happening at school or while people are at church. It could be a fun game but it can also get taken a little bit too far and we want to make sure that people are being safe while they’re doing it. So that’s why I think the rules are important,” principal Jarred Fuhrman said.

Last year’s winner Kendall Nova-Gradac, is not competing in this year’s competition.

“I will not be playing this year. I was just too competitive,” Nova-Gradac said.

Last year’s eliminator game rounded up 69 participants.The sign up for this year’s Eliminator ends on Oct.12 and the game will start Oct.16.

“The more people we get involved then the more fun it will be,” said NHS member Kinsey Kuttler.