CNA Blood Drive


Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

On Nov. 7, CNA(Certified Nursing Assistants) will be holding a blood drive from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For students wanting to donate, the blood drive sponsor, Lynne Stallbaumer suggests future donors take certain steps before their donation.

“If anyone is wanting to donate blood, it is important in the days and even weeks preceding to make sure you are hydrated.  Drink plenty of water. This helps with ease in securing the IV and with good blood flow during the donation process.  It is also important to ensure that your hemoglobin(oxygen-transport in red blood cells containing iron) is within the necessary range in order to donate.  This can be done by eating iron rich food in preparation,” said Stallbaumer.

For the actual donation, certain requirements must be met before the student or community member gives blood. For example, during the application process, the individual must either be 17 years or older, or if the donor is 16 years of age, parental/guardian consent must be given. After these requirements are met, the staff and personnel will walk each donor through the rest of the process in giving blood.

“The donation process is relatively simple and fairly painless,” Stallbaumer said. “The first step of course is deciding that you are willing to do so which is difficult for some as many are afraid the first time. Prior to being approved for donating, you will be asked by the volunteers a series of questions as well as a finger stick to check the hemoglobin level.  If you pass this initial screening you will be taken to the station to donate.”

After a pint is taken, the donors will be escorted to the refreshment area, which will have snacks and drinks. The donor will wait roughly 15 minutes before being dismissed.

“Students should know that, not only are you helping, literally, to save lives, you will be rewarded with pizza for your contribution.  Teachers and staff should know that this is a great example of something you can do throughout your life, and it’s a cool experience to be able to do this while sitting next to your students who are doing the same life-saving thing,” said Stallbaumer.

For more information regarding the blood drive, email Lynne Stallbaumer([email protected]).