BLHS Forensics Took First at McLouth Tournament

Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

Forensics starts off the season with a first place plaque, and over ten finalist at McLouth’s forensics tournament. Out of the total finalists, seven qualified to state champs. 

“I wasn’t planning on placing for sweeps, but I was pleasantly surprised to have taken home the gold,” said Forensics coach, Rebecca Knowles. “I am very proud of all of the participants, especially our novice forensicators for going out and competing so early off in the season.”

Out of the total 15 forensicators present at the tournament, three of the forensicators were novice. Freshman, Alyssa Sitzmann, placed fifth in Informative speaking and freshman, Lana Rodina, placed first in Serious Solo Acting. 

“I wasn’t looking forward to having to preform again in finals,* stated Rodina. “But I was very content with my performance after having preformed in the finals round. Maybe it was just because I placed first, out of no where, that I am so happy I went to McLouth.”

Sophomore, Natalie Rigdon and senior, Tristan McGehee took 2nd place in Improvised duet acting(IDA). IDA is an event that two partners pick draws that decipher characters, places, and situations. During finals, Ridgon and McGehee had misread “sociologist” with “scientologist”. Having prepared for 30 minutes with the intention of acting out a scientologist, the two walk into finals and have no preparation to correctly act out as a sociologists, rather than a scientologist.

*Long story short, I kinda forgot to double check my draws. During our prep, Tristan and I had prepared to do a skit based on a scientist and a scientologist that denied everything the scientist said,* stated Ridgon. “After we walk in an get prepared to present our skit, one of the judges stopped us and corrected our little error. I was able to do a quick switch in my character, but it still put me in a tailspin.”

The rest of the placements: Bryn Aytes took 1st in Extemp, Spencer Tucker took 3rd in Extemp, Cassandra Martin took 5th in Extemp, Sterling Holland and Jaxon Bounds took 4th in IDA, Lane Barrette took 2nd in HSA, Clarissa Kiefer and Lane Barrette took 1st in Duet, and Katie Cook took 2nd in Prose.