BLHS Custodial Staff Explain Heating and Cooling System


Written by: Lane Barrette, Editor in Chief

As the year gets closer to the heart of the winter season, the temperature inside the building will be affected. Commonly accepted amongst students and teachers alike, the building’s temperature is either cool or hot in different areas with seemingly no correlation.

“Some places [in the high school], it’s very warm, and it’s cold in others. We don’t have that ‘medium’ so it’s either extreme hot or extreme cold,” said Custonian Tad Hooker.

With the new addition of the CTE building, new additions must be accommodated for in regards to the heating and cooling system.

“It’s a big building, and when you have so many places within the high school, it’s hard to have a perfect temperature everywhere. This is especially difficult when you have to combine older parts to the newer parts. Getting everything synchronized is tough either way,” said Hooker.

Many ask if there is a solution to this heating problem. According to the custodial staff, a replacement is out of reach, but the problem may not be a real enough problem to place as a priority in regards to the financial aspect.

“I feel the school has a good heating system. As far as the financial background as to upgrading to the most ideal heating system around the whole high school is unknown to me,” said Hooker.

Updates will be added once the full solution is uncovered. Further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to email the Bobcat Network.