Are Prom Nominations Fair?


Written by: Jeda French, Reporter

With the recent Prom nominations, many students have gone to social media to complain about the number of repeats in voted candidates each year. The evidence proves this to be true. There have been 15 people in total who were repeated at least twice. Two of those people were nominated three times.

The senior Prom king candidates this year are Justin Gallup, Tuckker Johnson, Jordan Lee and Jack Wiles. Senior queen candidates are Morgan Buchholz, Riese Beebe, Maddie Hermann and Sarah Pickert. After winning Homecoming queen this year, Buchholz is being nominated a third time, while Johnson and Wiles are being nominated their second time. Johnson was nominated for Courtwarming his freshman year, and Wiles was nominated for the same dance his sophomore year.

Nick Porth, a senior, was nominated for Homecoming and Prom last year, and Courtwarming this year. He won two of those nominations, Prom prince and Courtwarming king.

“I think others should’ve gotten a chance. I didn’t want [the nomination] but only one time, my first time. But once I got nominated my third time, for Courtwarming this year, I wanted to win because I am a senior,” said Porth.  

Of the junior Prom candidates, Dylan Mussett and Kinsey Kutler were both nominated for Homecoming their sophomore year, and Jace Friesen was nominated his freshman year.

Some people in the school are fed up with the same students winning the elections.

“I think it’s annoying. It makes it so nobody really cares about the nominees because it’s always going to be ‘those people,’” said senior Tara Sitzmann. “[When voting] I think about who hasn’t been nominated before; who’s a good person and would look good in a crown.”

Prom does have specific rules for who can be nominated, but only for students who were nominated for Prom in previous years. A student can be nominated, and win, Homecoming or Courtwarming and still be eligible as a Prom candidate.

“The current guidelines are that if a student is nominated or wins Prom junior year, they are not eligible to be nominated for Prom again senior year,” said Prom committee sponsor Allyson Schaffer. “However, a student can be nominated, and win Homecoming or Courtwarming, and still be nominated for Prom. Essentially for Prom, the slate is wiped clean, with the exception of being a prom candidate junior year.”

Although these rules are in place, Rylea Oliver’s name was announced, along with the other candidates. However, she won Prom princess last year, so she was taken out of the nominations. But, this still means that she did get a majority vote over others.

“As far as candidate nominations go, we changed the prince and princess rule so you are only allowed to be that once between your freshman and junior year. Your slate is wiped clean after that and you can be nominated for Homecoming or Courtwarming king or queen, but not both,” said senior class sponsor Erin Amrein. “Honestly, we have a big enough school at this point, I’d like to see where you can only be nominated once–across the board–freshman through senior year.”

Plans for change in the future have already been put into place.

“Mrs. Schaffer and I have already planned to align our guidelines for the future nominations so we can hopefully eliminate any issues and see new faces,” said Amrein.

Prom will be on Saturday, April 14 at Children’s Mercy Park. Prom tickets are $30 and have been sold throughout lunch this week, but will also be sold at the door on Saturday. Parking for Prom will be in Lot D.