NHS Food Competition


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor in Chief

OnMay 18, there will be a food competition in FACS teacher Betsey Hermreck’s room, hosted by the National Honors Society (NHS). This competition is meant to show students how challenging it is for food kitchens to create tasty foods with only donated options.

“When you’re at a food drive you notice that most of the items are just canned vegetables, but people can’t survive on only canned vegetables,” said NHS treasurer Payton Richardson. “Sometimes those items are expired and you can’t even use them. Food kitchens mostly get food that people don’t want anymore, and is sitting in their pantry.”

Students can sign up and donate foods during Bobcat Advisory from April 30 to May 11. The cost to sign up for the competition is $5 per person, which will be donated to a local food kitchen. The cost will be cut in half if the participant donates on of the following foods: salsa, taco shells, strawberry jam, sugar, ranch dressing, pickles, paper towels, and kleenexes. These are items that are rarely donated to food kitchens.

A team can be up to four people, and they will cook with only foods collected during the food drive. After the food is made, it will be judged by NHS members, Annie Grigsby, MiKayla Hennigh and Kylie Smith. The winners will receive a $10 gift card, and a free drink from the Den. The remaining collected food will be donated to a food kitchen.