Lane Barrette First Ever BLHS Student’s Goes to FBLA Nationals


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor in Chief

After qualifying in the state competition, sophomore Lane Barrette will be going to the National Leadership Conference, a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competition, on June 27. Barrette will need to raise $2,200 to fund his trip to Baltimore, Maryland where he will compete in Business Ethics.

Barrette’s type of event is a presentation that he prepares it beforehand. When he gets to nationals, he will present a five to seven minute presentation about the Takata automotive industry.

“I generally didn’t care about the car industry, so it was a bit difficult to find what I needed to talk about,” said Barrette. “However, I was able to find a top ten list of automobile industry scams. The first couple on the list were from a long time ago, so I didn’t feel like I needed to waste my time on something that has been over for years. Eventually, I stumbled upon the Honda Accords scam, which the final lawsuits were filed last year.”

At the state competition, Barrette placed in 6th. He found out several weeks later that two of the competitors in the top five would not be able to go to Nationals. With those two dropping out, and bumping Barrette to 4th, he is now able to compete at the national level. He has just under two months to prepare.

“The preparation process starts well in advance from the actual competition. In respect to my event, extravagant amounts of research is needed to put together my presentation. Aside from the time taken to put together a speech, preparing travel plans is just, if not more, time consuming. Just like any trip, reserving a hotel room and plane ticket isn’t just as easy as a simple click,” said Barrette.

The cost of the trip includes the registration, hotel, flight, and food for Barrette and his mom. There is also an extra opportunity that the students can participate in to experience Washington D.C. that will be included in his cost.

“Since Baltimore is so close to Washington D.C., FBLA orchestrates a tour to Washington D.C. for all the participants, if they choose to, they can go, and feel like they’ve done something after they’ve competed. Which roughly equates to another $300 if participants are able to go. In final, the rough estimate would be about $2,200,” said Barrette.

To be able to go on the trip, Barrette has started a GoFundMe page to raise support. This page can be found by clicking here.

“If people want to financially support me, I have a GoFundMe page,” said Barrette. “We have a couple 100 dollars already donated to that. Our goal of course, is the $2,200, and of course the Booster Club is also in support. They gave me a little sum of $200, which is very much appreciated. Of course we still have a lot of steps we need to take in regards to the financial aspect of getting me to Nationals.”