2018-19 Student Council voting comes to a close


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

On Aug. 24-25, the student body cast their votes for the 2018-19 Student Council. This year’s council is made up of Addison Gilliam (president), Kinsey Kuttler (vice president), Hyla Wichmann (secretary) and Katelyn Drennon (treasurer), as well as five representatives for each grade.

“I love being part of StuCo, as it makes it easier to make the changes for others, and gets you so involved with everything,” said freshman representative Gracie Hermreck.

Some names on the ballot were familiar, and have been involved in Student Council before. Kuttler has been a part of StuCo since 6th grade.

“StuCo is great because everybody in the group is so positive and fun to be around,” said Kuttler.

The group is also quite diverse in their interests. Some members are involved in groups such as Student Ambassadors, choir, and the dance team.

“I currently play golf and softball. And outside of school, I help volunteer at churches and other organizations,” said Drennon.

Since there are so many activities represented within the council, it makes sense that a common goal among them is to make BLHS a more enjoyable and involved experience for all.

A goal of the Student Council this year is boost student involvement and give everyone an enjoyable experience.

“I hope to be able to get others involved. This year, I really want our student body to come together as one group and make our school a positive environment,” said Kuttler.

Student Council is rounded out by the class representatives from each grade. Freshmen:  Rylee Jones, Emily Long, Samir Sajid, Gracie Hermreck and Natalie Kite.freshmen, these are Sophomores: Gage Sadrakula, Kaylee Kuttler, Sela Wagner, Savannah Ruth and Alyssa Brady. Juniors: Lane Barrette, Jaiden Smith, Sami Fisher, Logan Lynn and Delainey Wilson. Seniors: Jake Wilson, Simon Stevens, Delaney Thomas, MacKenzie Bizzell and Emma Armstrong.

The first event that StuCo will be planning is Homecoming, on Sept. 27th.