The Cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Drive into Production

Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the 2018 musical, will not be premiered until November, but the cast members and directors are already at work.

“We wanted something that was different from last year, so something that wasn’t princess or prince related. And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had lots of opportunities for a variety of roles, the technical side was interesting, and it would be interesting for onstage and backstage,” director Rebecca Knowles said.

Senior Taylor Brownback has acted in now four musicals, and was casted as one of the lead roles, Caractacus Potts.

“I wanted something more like Mama Mia or Newises, but now that it’s getting closer and closer, I like it,” Brownback said.

While the cast and class prepare for the showcase, sophomore Kniya Harris is confident about how the audience will react.

“It’s a really good musical and there’s really good characters, and the actors that are playing their

characters are extremely good at what they’re doing,” Harris said.

Junior Sierra Salazar was casted as the Toymaker, which was originally a male role, was changed to be played by a female actress. Which was changed because of the lack of male actors auditioning for the musical.

“It’s always an enjoyment to be apart of these, like it’s so good. And like a family,” Said Salazar.

Musical practice starts on Sept. 3, and tickets will go on sale in early November, for $5.