The Den Reopens for Its Second Year


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

The Den opened for its second year on Monday, Sept. 10.

“This year we are trying to give The Den more of an identity, and make it more connected with the entire school and student body,” said president Clarissa Kiefer.

Even though there are multiple positions at the Den, before going on the job, students must go through two full days of training to learn about the inner workings of the store.

“This [training] will help them throughout their first week of working in The Den, but nothing can prepare them better than diving into a real shift and getting that experience,” said Kiefer.

This year, there are some changes coming to The Den. Although there are no price changes on the menu, there are some new drink options.

“As of right now, we have one new fruit boost flavor: peach,” said Kiefer. “And to celebrate our one year anniversary, we will be offering a birthday cake frappe for the first week we are open.”

The Den is also offering discounts throughout the year. Teachers will receive 50% off on regular coffee and for the first week, seniors will get 50 cents off. No matter who is ordering, the revenue earned will be used to fund future events and products.

“Our proceeds are split three ways. The first is a scholarship for a senior in The Den class, and we are hoping to introduce another for a deserving senior in the student body. The second is a trip for the class… And the final use of our proceeds is leaving some money behind to get The Den started up again the next school year,” said Kiefer.

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