School District Receives Close Vote on Bond

School District Receives Close Vote on Bond

Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

Thursday, Sept. 10 brought the results of the district’s proposed $57.1 million, two-question bond. The first question, relating to improvements to school facilities and the construction of two new elementary schools, was approved by voters in a 2,591 ‘yes’ to 1,784 ‘no’ vote. However, the second question, relating to improvements for athletic facilities, was rejected in a very close 2,187 ‘yes’ to 2,190 ‘no’ vote. Some may be curious as to why the community rejected the second question of the bond and what both parts results mean for the district.

“The benefits on question #1 will give us the opportunity to offer preschool for students, a huge benefit for those entering kindergarten the following year,” superintendent David Howard said. “The additional elementary buildings/middle school classrooms will give us space to grow as our community grows.”

The second question would have added tennis courts, stands to the football field and a wrestling room on the high school campus. Currently, wrestling is held in the special education building a mile from the high school.

“It’s going to continue to limit us on some of the things we can do,” assistant principal and athletic director Ross Schwisow said. “My hope is that in the long term, as we get bigger, we’re going to be able to provide more things for our students, not just in terms of athletics, but with student activities and academics.”

Voting in the election was pushed in the community, including in the high school for students who are old enough to vote. The push led to an above-average turnout of over 48%. However, just two years ago, the district lost one of its methods of communicating with the community.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have a Basehor newspaper anymore, so we’ve lost that outlet; however, we do get some coverage through the Leavenworth Times,” Howard said.

While the second question was rejected in the bond, the Board of Education plans to address the needed athletic facility upgrades that were expressed in this question over the next five years.