New Rule on Powderpuff 2018

New Rule on Powderpuff 2018

Written by: Katelyn Cofer, Reporter

This year, students playing fall sports are not allowed to participate in the Powderpuff game, on Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. To include the fall sports athletes, there will be a Punt, Pass, Kick event if at least 10 people sign up.

“We have not had injuries here but several local schools over the last five years have had at least one or two major injuries that have taken away a season from a student,” Ross Schwisow said. “We had a meeting with coaches and spoke about the risk and rewards. It was a consensus amongst the coaches that with the game being around the time other sports start going to and training for regionals it was too risky to allow our athletes to endanger themselves.”

Because fall athletes can’t participate, the juniors will not be able to have a Powderpuff team. Currently, there was only one person that signed up to play.

“I feel like the new rule has held many of our fellow juniors back from being able to participate,” said junior Leah Stein. “It is kind of a let down that juniors do not get to participate in the powder puff game due to the new rule.”

The Punt, Pass, Kick event is something the fall athletes can participate in. During the punt part of the event, students will punt the ball as far as the can and someone will measure the distance. Punting consists of students holding the ball, dropping it, then kicking it out of the air. Then students will pass the ball. They will attempt to throw the ball as far as they can, and it will be measured. After that, the students will kick the ball. The football will be set up on a kickstand, and students will run towards the ball and kick it as far as they can. The winners will be the students that punt, pass and kick the farthest.

“…[The] Punt, Pass, Kick event is to get fall athletes involved,” Schwisow said. “We wanted the fall athletes to have a chance to do something. For me, I’ve always loved the powderpuff game, I think it’s a great thing, but it’s not worth the risk.”