International Club selling Bracelets for Pulsera Project


Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

There have been plenty of fundraisers and even some businesses run by students in the history of our school. However, the International Club is doing something unique this year as part of their focus on international cultures. Students in this club are selling bracelets made in South America. All profits earned go to the Pulsera Project, who pay the artists before giving the bracelets to schools.

“It’s a nonprofit organization that gets the bracelets from different artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala,” International Club member Trinity Krouse said. “Then they send them to different schools to be sold. Any extra proceeds go to charity.”

The profits are used for several benefits, but the main one is supporting artists in the countries where the bracelets are made.
“It’s really just a way for different people in South America to be able from work from home and make money,” Krouse said. “That way they don’t have to work twelve-hour days and are able to watch their kids at home.”

According to, the project began in 2009 and has grown to the sale of more than 800,000 pulseras—the Spanish word for “bracelet”—in over 2,100 schools. There are a variety of styles of bracelets from the different artists – the majority of them are made out of colorful string, but some are made of leather or beaded.

The bracelets are being sold in the lunchroom Oct. 1 through 5 during Bobcat Advisory. Each bracelet costs $5.