Elec Tech Avenue Showcases Alternative Energy

Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

Last night, Physics students brought the energy up a level by showcasing alternative ways of creating and using energy at Elec Tech Avenue, a program started last year by Tech Integration Specialist Alex Hirbe. These alternatives ranged from using citric acid in lemons to pedaling on a bike as energy.

“It feels like I am really helping [younger students] learn something new, something they are interested in. It is also good to know that they care. They just seem so excited when they learn that lemons can turn on a light bulb,” said junior Skylar Halvorson.

Physics teacher Peter Diehl challenged his students by having them create models for the showcase.

“I wanted to pose a unique challenge to my students for them to use their minds to make something unique. I haven’t done anything like this in my teaching career and I am very proud of the outcome,” said Diehl.

Many other contributors, such as science professors from KCKCC and engineers from Tesla, came to showcase their innovative energy. KCKCC brought a light monitor connected to a stationary bike that tracked the energy from pedaling. Tesla, on the other hand, brought solar-powered vehicles.

“This is so phenomenal. I love this. Last year, technology integration specialist Alex Hirbe started programs for middle school kids that taught kids about new technology. It’s amazing seeing the little kids, as well as the older ones, making science cool. This night is inspiring creativity and giving students the ability to feel proud of their projects,” said Engineering teacher Molly Bovos.