Local Candidates Issues for the Nov. Ballot


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

Nov. 6, Election Day, is right around the corner, and that encompasses not only national elections, but local ones as well. Although much of the focus is on the national offices, candidates are also campaigning closer to home for positions to represent Kansans.

This year, all 435 of the seats in the House of Representatives are up for election. In congressional District Two, where Basehor is located, the two primary candidates are Paul Davis and Steve Watkins. Paul Davis is a Democrat and he is a former Kansas Representative. Davis believes in securing the national borders and stronger background checks on firearms. On the other hand, Watkins (R) is a veteran and a former small business owner, and he supports pro-job policies that help businesses and create jobs. Watkins is pro-life and supports medicare and social security. Like Davis, he believes in secure borders, but unlike him, he supports Second Amendment rights and gun owners.

Governor and Lieutenant Governors are also being elected this year. The pairs are Laura Kelly with Lynn Rogers and Kris Kobach with Wink Hartman. Kelly and Rogers are Democratic and focus on issues like healthcare and infrastructure. They believe in mental health support for students, women’s reproductive rights, common sense gun regulations, as well as reversing bills that have previously been passed that allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ citizens. Kobach and Hartman (R) want to secure borders and stop illegal immigration and make sure that more money goes into classrooms. Likewise to Kelly and Rogers, they are pro-life and support Second Amendment rights.

The two candidates running for Attorney General are Sarah Swain (D) and Derek Schmidt (R). Swain’s political ideals include equal justice for all, protecting consumers (including students) from aggressive debt collection and funding public school systems. She also would like to decriminalize cannabis and put measures in place to protect the environment. Schmidt has previously served as the Kansas Senate Majority Leader and believes in fighting crimes against children and senior citizens.

Finally, the primary candidates for the office of Kansas Secretary of State are Brian McClendon and Scott Schwab. McClendon (D), “does not think in partisan terms, but rather about the impact of government actions on the lives of Kansans”. He worked at Google as the vice president of the group who built Google Maps. He has a strong focus on keeping data safe and using data and information to make decisions. Schwab (R) who has served in the House of Representatives for nine years. He believes that Kansas should strengthen its economy and that the government is spending too much of citizens’ money. He believes in traditional family values and has been endorsed by Kansas For Life (a pro-life organization) and the National Rifle Association.

If you are over 18 years old and registered to vote, you can vote at Basehor Linwood Middle School or the Fairmount Fire Station in Basehor.