Business Essentials Class Makes an Economy


Written by: Kristen Kahler, Reporter

In Cody Ziegler’s Business Essentials class, an in-class economy takes the place of lectures and tests. This means that everything in the classroom can be profited from.

“I think that regardless of whether I teach it like this or with lectures, the kids that don’t want to learn aren’t going to,” Ziegler said.

This project-based learning method has kids trying to sell everything they can to make the most money. The third of students who accumulate the most income will be able to receive all possible points for their grade. Instead of tests and quizzes, students are asked to write reflections over what they’ve learned every two weeks.

“I would be trying my hardest to think about what would be on the test, and then I’d practice those things until I got it. This way, I integrate myself into real-world problems that I don’t usually deal with. I encounter things I wouldn’t normally encounter in the classroom,” freshman Samir Sajid said.

The goal of this teaching tool is to teach kids how to run a business and other real-world skills.

“The life skills I’ve learned in this class are ones you wouldn’t really think about, but now I’m forced to because the grades are at stake,” Sajid said.

Kids make a marketplace for everything, ranging  from chairs to electricity. Some kids even have video game tournaments to make ‘Zig Bucks’, which is the form of money in the class. Some students are very against this new ‘project based learning’ tactic and are struggling with sales.
“I’ve just learned people don’t want to buy anything, and they only keep the money amongst their friend group,” sophomore Makenzy Curtis said.