Sophomores Visit KU


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, and Wednesday, Nov. 7, the sophomore class will be taking a trip to the University of Kansas. This trip is intended to show students the different options for their futures.

“One of our goals is… to have exposure for all of our students to look at technical school options, junior college or community college option, and then also a four year university option,” said assistant principal Jared Jackson. “With KU being the closest, that’s what we organized for this year.”

There are many benefits of visiting college campuses early on in a student’s high school career, rather than waiting until junior or senior year.

“If there’s 200 sophomores this year, we know that not all 200 of those sophomores are going to have an opportunity to step onto a college campus. We want to give every student in our school the ability to at least see what that experience is [and] get that feeling of what does a large, public university campus look like, what’s the feel,” said Jackson.

On the trip, students will participate in a campus tour led by a current KU student, learn about how to be admitted, and eat in the Dining Hall for lunch. The end goal of the college visit is to prompt students to think about their futures and ask themselves if attending a university would be an option they want to consider.

“We want kids to… see what a large university is like and get a feel for what campus life is like, what a union looks like, what the classrooms look like, or a lecture hall or the library,” said Jackson. “We know that everyone’s not going to go to college, and that’s okay. It’s not the right thing for everyone, but we also want everyone to have that experience so they make a good decision for themselves.”