FBLA transitions into DECA

FBLA transitions into DECA

Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

In 2016, Cody Ziegler created and sponsored the school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter. After two years, the chapter has switched to DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America or Delta Epsilon Chi). There are five main categories within DECA: marketing, finance, business management/administration, entrepreneurship, and hospitality/tourism. All of these categories have events that are completed individually, with a team or taken online.

“DECA is a program to help form business leaders of the future. It is very similar to FBLA but offers many more real-life applications and opportunities,” said DECA President Clarissa Keifer.

Keifer has been a member of FBLA since her freshman year. This year, unlike her previous two, the chapter will be switching from FBLA to DECA. DECA offers a more practical application for students in comparison to FBLA. FBLA focused more on the theoretic, while DECA focuses on the organization and execution.

“In the long run, it will benefit us immensely because it can also coincide with the curriculum that we are being taught in the classroom,” said Keifer.

The group is also comprised of Erica Brady as Vice President, Hannah Pliley as the Secretary, and Logan Lynn as Treasurer. Other members include Lane Barrette, Elizabeth Cook, Lily Bogard, Samir Sajid, Aidan Ingram, Zachary Palmgren, Ava Gunn, and Annie Grigsby.

As treasurer of DECA, I deal a lot with making sure fees are paid to become a member of DECA, as well as the fees going into competitions. Each year we try and go on a field trip to a business or to watch a speaker. For example, we went to One Million Cups my freshman year. This year, I will have more say as to where we go and what we spend our money on,” said Lynn.

DECA will be sponsoring a showing of Screenagers on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Tickets are $5 at the door and all proceeds will go towards funding their state competition in March.