BASS Fishing Club Feeds Local Pelican


Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

The BASS Fishing Club has made a new pelican friend, who they are helping to feed.

“Operation Wildlife is rehabbing a pelican over at their facility, so we are catching fish for the pelican to eat,” said BASS sponsor Abraham Cilliers.

Operation Wildlife (OWL) is an animal rehab facility, where they provide help to animals who have been injured or orphaned before being released back to the wild, and it is the largest publicly funded wildlife clinic in Kansas. There is only one pelican at OWL right now, and this is the second week that BASS has helped to feed it.

“Whenever we go out fishing, we keep the fish we catch and take it down to Operation Wildlife,” said Cilliers. “It’s located technically in Linwood, but it’s out in the country.”

Before BASS was working with OWL to feed the pelican, they didn’t keep the fish that they caught. Cilliers found out about the pelican by being tagged in a Facebook post by Tammy Potts.

“When we compete… it’s catch and release, so when we heard that Operation Wildlife has a pelican that they needed to feed, we decided we would start keeping fish to help feed the pelican there,” said Cilliers.

As with all of the other animals at OWL, the pelican will be released back to the wild when it is healthy again.