The Den Expands Outside of School With Coffee Blend

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The Den Expands Outside of School With Coffee Blend

Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

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Ever since Cody Ziegler’s Applied Business Development class began last year, students have been able to collaborate together to run a coffee shop for students inside of the school. Now, some of these students are working to get their products available to the larger public.

“We worked for about a year [on planning the coffee] and this year we sent the design to The Roasterie,” said Applied Business Development student Erica Brady. “They were able to customize it and put it onto The Den’s custom blend of coffee.”

Getting a product into retailers can be difficult, especially for high school students with no previous connections in business. Students have been able to learn how real business deals are made, including the positives and possible challenges that come with them.

“I think one of the things I’ve learned the most about is conflict resolution and to have patience, especially in the business world,” said Brady.

The coffee blend will be available in several businesses in Basehor and the surrounding area, including Daylight Donuts and Price Chopper. The students hope that the unique advantages of their coffee blend will convince consumers to choose it over others.

“It was created by high school students. It’s high-quality coffee, and it’s supported by a company that already has established market value,” said Brady.

The Den hopes to launch their custom coffee blend into retailers within the next couple of weeks. It is a ‘full, balanced blend’ with a buttery aroma, flavors of citrus and pear, and a nutty finish.

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