Scholar’s Bowl Team Attends Largest Meet at DeSoto


Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

On Nov. 27, the largest Scholars’ Bowl meet of the season occurred at DeSoto High School. A total of thirty-six different schools were at the meet. The teams were divided into four pools to make the number of matches more reasonable. The Basehor-Linwood team was only able to win one of their matches.

“We went out there and did our best,” said senior Trinity Krouse. “The questions were really hard and the other teams got the answers faster than us.”

Scholars’ Bowl is set up as a question-and-answer game between two teams. Teams are given a question revolving around either academics or a timely event and the first participant to buzz in gets the first opportunity to answer it. If they get the answer correct, their team gets ten points. However, if they get the question wrong, their team loses five points, and the other team gets an opportunity to ‘steal’ the question from them.

“We struggled with working as a team at times,” said Krouse. “Hopefully this will be a learning experience for all of us.”

The next Scholar’s Bowl meet is on Dec. 4 at Olathe Northwest High School. Those interested in Scholar’s Bowl should contact the sponsor, Ben Katzenmeier.