TSA Hosts Anual Santa’s Workshop

Written by: Me’Laiha Enriquez, Reporter

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On Saturday, Dec. 8, technology science association (TSA) clubs from the middle school and high school hosted Santa’s Workshop in the CTE building and wood shop from 4-8 pm.

“We like hosting events that bring the community together. At Santa’s Workshop, families can build gingerbread houses and trees in the wood shop, and they can decorate them.” Aldo Cilliers wood shop teacher said.

Christmas movies were played in the CTE building, and cookies were offered to families that came. There were t

ables where kids could decorate cookies, and there were winter cutouts that kids could take pictures in. To raise money, the TSA clubs had a refreshments table that offered water bottles, punch, candy canes, and cookies that children could decorate.

To prepare for Santa’s Workshop, Cilliers and the TSA clubs had to cut a few hundred wood pieces for the gingerbread houses and trees. It cost five dollars to get the wood for a tree or a gingerbread house, and there was paint and all kinds of craft materials that kids could decorate with.

“We had to decorate the wood shop so that it looks like Santa’s Workshop, and we decorate the CTE as well,” Cilliers said.

There were Christmas lights and mini Christmas trees, and there was a Santa Claus that kids could take pictures with.

“This was our second year hosting Santa’s Workshop, and our goal was to bring to the community together to get in the Christmas spirit,” Cilliers said.

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