Students Take On Digital Immersion Alternatives at MECA

Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

On Jan. 25, students participated in the Kansas City Startup Foundation’s MECA (Most Entrepreneurial City in America). The MECA challenge requires students to find solutions to problems in the modern day. This year’s challenge was to find ‘a solution to create healthy habits among youth in this culture of digital immersion (ie. Our constant exposure to screens and devices, our consumptive use of technology, and the way it impacts our brains and lives).’

I gained so much knowledge on entrepreneurship and how to solve real-life problems. My group came up with ideas, bounced them off one another, talked about pros and cons and then mushed it together into one idea,” said sophomore Jenna Zydlo.

Zydlo was the only Basehor-Linwood student to place, taking 2nd. Her group’s product was called ‘Campus’ in which a recreational building would be used for teens to be active with others, rather than being on their phones.

“[The challenge] was interesting because it forced everybody to work with strangers,” said junior Lexie Glezen. “The mentors tried to get students from urban, suburban and rural areas to get diverse brainstorming.”

The other participating students consisted of freshmen Noah George and Sydney Krueger, sophomores Lana Rodina, Natalie Vinson, Adell Gore, Chloe Bogard and Jaedyn Roberts, juniors Lane Barrette, Ethan Pflumm, Riley Tinder and Gabrielle Benson and seniors Cassie Martin and Alex Antle.

“I thought our idea was clever, but know we know what entrepreneurs will be looking for in the future,” said George.