NHS Hosts Tek Wreck to Promote Engineering


Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 23, the National Honor Society (NHS) will be hosting an event called Tek Wreck to dismantle old electronics. The community will be able to bring in small kitchen appliances, broken phones or any small electronic and then take them apart to discover some of the engineering that went into its construction.

“The main idea of Tek Wreck is to promote recycling of old appliances around the house while also encouraging factors of engineering by having participants take apart the appliance themselves to possibly learn on their own how these appliances work,” said NHS Treasurer Mikayla Hennigh.

NHS plans a service project each quarter, and Hennigh was in charge of planning the spring project.

“I actually came up with the idea over the summer while at the Future Medical Leaders of America convention. The speaker was talking to the audience about coming up with ideas to better your community and that’s when the idea for Tek Wreck came to mind,” said Hennigh. “Honestly, most of the preparation was figuring out how the event would work and getting it passed by Mr.[principal Jarred] Furman. We wanted to make sure we knew what we would be doing at the event, while also ensuring safety among participants.”

After the event, the technology will be donated to Advantage Metals or other recycling centers. Tek Wreck is also accepting money donations for the recycling centers.