Choir Students Perform at Wichita for KMEA


Photo courtesy to @BL_Choirs

Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

On Feb. 21-23, a group of nine choir students travelled to Wichita for the Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA) Conference.
“It is an opportunity for music teachers to learn from one another by attending interest sessions and by watching concerts of middle school, high school, college and professional groups that auditioned and were invited to perform,” said choir instructor Wendi Bogard.
Before the conference, students auditioned for the chance to attend.
“Singers learn one or two pieces for their audition. Kids from the entire state all learn the same songs,” said Bogard. “Tenth, 11th and 12th graders have a live blind audition where they compete against singers from other schools… They sing a portion of two songs along with an accompaniment track they practiced with… Next, they leave that room and go to a sight reading room where they have another blind audition and where [they] sight read four measures of music… The top scoring students are chosen for district choir then an even smaller number are chosen for all-state.”
During the weekend of the conference, students prepared and performed their music.
“We rehearsed our songs all day on the 21st and 22nd. We had a few five hour long rehearsals. It was tedious, but rewarding, work. We performed a concert together on the 23rd,” said sophomore Sonya Zamora.
This year’s all-state choir had six upperclassmen students chosen. Senior Kaitlyn George was also chosen for a national honor choir.
“Kaitlyn beat out 1,000 other girls to earn her spot in the High School/Collegiate [Soprano Soprano Alto Alto] SSAA Honor Choir which was made up of 10th, 11th and 12th grade and college singers,” said Bogard.
On the 23rd, students left the conference after a weekend of practicing and performing.
“Singing in a choir takes teamwork. To be a truly great choral singer, one must sacrifice their greed for the good of the choir. Great choirs sing as one,” said Zamora. “My favorite part of KMEA was getting to meet people who are just like me.”