School Shooting Threat Causes Soft-Lockdown


Written by: Delainey Wilson, Head of Layout

On Monday, the high school was placed under a soft-lockdown at 12:43 p.m. following a shooting threat to the high school that was posted on Snapchat. The student who posted the threat attends Leavenworth High School and tagged three other Leavenworth students in the post.

“We received a threat, and because of that threat, we felt it was best to go into a soft-lockdown so that we could investigate and figure out if it was real or not real or what was going on with it,” said school resource officer Eric Witzleb.

According to Witzleb, a soft-lockdown is just a “lock-in” where the school isn’t in a full lockdown, which would require students to move away from doors, windows and even hide in closets.

“As far as the threat, the student that made the threat was detained by the Leavenworth High School SRO, along with three other individuals that were possibly involved. They were found to be not involved, but did witness what happened,” said Witzleb.

Witzleb was notified about the threat by principal Jarred Fuhrman after a student went to the administration about the Leavenworth student’s Snapchat story.

The lock-in was lifted after 47 minutes, when the shooting threat was found to not be credible.

“Once we found out that the other three [students] weren’t involved, and the kid said that he didn’t have access to any weapons… and neither did the other students… we decided that there was no need for the lock-in anymore. I contacted Mr. Fuhrman and let him know that it was good to give the all clear,” said Witzleb.

According to Witzleb, following the student’s detainment, Leavenworth Police Department didn’t accept the case, and the student didn’t receive any discipline through his school.

“We went ahead and did our job and did up the report and sent it to the county attorney where he will decide on prosecution [for the student]. He just made a bad decision, even though he’s going to suffer some consequences,” said Witzleb.