Snow Days Lead to Required Makeup Day

Snow Days Lead to Required Makeup Day

Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

Among the many decisions the administration and superintendent make every day, no decision gets as much attention as the calling of a snow day. However, too many snow days can pose issues. According to the Kansas State Department of Education, the school year at any school for K-11 students can not consist of fewer than 1,116 hours. The district officially fell under this minimum upon the sixth snow day of the year on Feb. 27, requiring the administration to come up with a plan to make up that time. On Mar. 18, the Board of Education officially approved Apr. 19 as a makeup day.

“Friday, April 19th was a designated inclement weather day on our calendar,” said superintendent David Howard. “Making this day up actually gives us credit for two days instead of one.”

School districts had the option of adding minutes on to each day or adding full makeup days. However, Howard disagrees with the approach of adding minutes to each day.

“We don’t believe adding five to ten minutes to the day to be as effective as an additional day,” said Howard.

While Apr. 19’s count as two days leaves room for another snow day if necessary, further snow days could be more complicated for the district to resolve.

“If additional days were required, we would need to discuss as an administrative team,” said Howard. “We would then make a recommendation to the Board of Education and do what is best for students.”