4th Quarter Senior Dates


Written by: Trinity Krouse and Jaedyn Roberts

With only one academic quarter left until the seniors walk across the stage to get their diplomas, there are still lots of senior activities coming up. Compiled below is a list of some of the senior dates and deadlines: the last being May 16, graduation.

“I would encourage seniors to enjoy these last two months with their peers and teachers,” said counselor Vicky Herbster. “We have a tendency to get lost in anxiety or even complacency and a desire to ‘get out of this place’. Find joy in friendships and the legacy that this wonderful class has created.”

As of now, there are 171 seniors enrolled at school, but there will also be students graduating from the virtual school. If all students complete graduation requirements, they will be allowed to walk and be apart of the class of 2019.

“This class as a whole is very ambitious, high achieving and committed to being successful,” said Herbster. “I have been most moved by the graciousness and generosity of the Class of 2019– truly a class of leaders that have made an impact on everyone at BLHS– you will all be missed.”