Band Travels to Baker for Pre-Large Group Clinic


Written by: Alyssa Tyler, Reporter

On Thursday, March 28, the concert band went to Baker University for a pre-state large group clinic. The band went before a panel of two judges and played two songs, Bonds of Unity and Rhythm of Winds.

“[We wanted] to get feedback from another source of things to work on and work towards,” said Ryan Kazmaier, assistant band director.

The band went to the clinic to prepare for the state large group festival on April 10.

“It’s always a good thing to have someone else’s point of view and comments for your group.  We stand in front of them every day, and sometimes it’s refreshing to have someone new come in and work with them,” said Kazmaier.

The band will continue to work on music for the quarter and then begin to prepare for marching band season.

“We’ve spent 10 plus years working to build this program into something very special, and I think we have some really cool things happening at every level that will be fun to show off at our various events this spring,” said Kazmaier.