JAG-K Prepares for State by Getting Donations from Community Businesses

Written by: Me'Laiha Enriquez and Brooklyn Fondaw, Reporter

In order to prepare for the state Career Development Conference in mid-April, the Jobs for America’s Graduates in Kansas (JAG-K) students are contacting hotels and other organizations to further their involvement in the Love Doesn’t Hurt Campaign. The JAG-K class has been in communication with local domestic violence shelters to find ones that are in need.

“To further our project we are presenting to the students at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School during an assembly. We are also raising money to donate to a domestic violence shelter in our community.” sophomore Brooklyn Fondaw said.

The Alliance Against Family Violence shelter is currently closed due to the fact that the organization doesn’t have enough money to keep it open to those in need. JAG-K’s project-based learning group is working towards opening the shelter which is located in Leavenworth. Since the AAFV is currently closed, Fondaw and her team are trying to get donations to reopen the shelter.

“To prepare for the state competition, I’m practicing my speech almost every day and we are currently preparing for an assembly at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School (GRE),” Fondaw said.

Fondaw and her team brainstormed ideas on how to help shelters in the community and after they came across AAFV, they have been trying to figure out a way to raise money to reopen the shelter. After Fondaw talked to many influential people she came across the idea to reach out and get other schools involved. Her team came across the idea of making it a competition between the elementary schools to see who can raise the most money.

“The idea came up when we were thinking about how to raise awareness within our community. Our goal as a team is to impact the maximum amount of people in our community,” said Fondaw.