BotCats Compete at Regional Competition

Written by: Trinity Krouse, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Photo Credentials: Robotics Sponsor Molly Bovos

On April 5 and 6, the BotCats competed at the BotsKC regional competition. BLHS took four teams, each with their own Bot, and battled against 20 schools and 34 teams in tournament style matches. With the goal being to inflict as much damage on the competitor robot, BLHS was able to qualify one bot, Lil’ Pepé, for nationals.

This was my first year participating in this competition, and going into that first fight was absolutely nerve wracking because I had no idea what to expect from our robot going up against another bot. But, once we won that match, I knew we would be able to do great things in that competition. I won’t forget that moment when the announcer announced our name as the winner of the match for the first time,” said senior Sarah Grover.

The qualifying team was made up of seniors MiKayla Hennigh, Brandon Roberts and Grover and juniors Lexie Glezen and Lauren Penix-Randel. They won the first three matches and lost the last two. To be eliminated from the tournament, the team had to lose two matches in a row. Clinching a 6th place finish, Lil’ Pepé was the last Bot to

qualify for nationals.  

“My team did an amazing thing this weekend. We took an untested concept and proved that even though we had an idea that no one else was doing, we could still win. We’re going to Nationals because of my amazing team,” said Grover.

Nationals will be on May 17-18 at the California University of Pennsylvania. Since the robots get damaged in every fight, the team has to assess the damages and prepare for the next fight.

“Essentially, we’re going to rebuild our bot,” said Grover. “We already have ideas for designs and materials that we’re going to put in place as soon as we can, along with working on driving and controlling the robot. We’ll keep our same design. We’ll just tweak it a bit to make it stronger and more offensive.”

The results from the regional competition can be found here.