Creative Writing Class Designs Scavenger Hunt for Students


Written by: Britan Dietsch, Reporter

In the midst of a test-heavy week, the students of Brooke VanHecke’s Advanced Creative Writing class decided to create an engaging adventure for students. On April 3 and 4, a scavenger hunt was held during Bobcat Hour, requiring students to identify various locations throughout the school based on clues written in poetry format.

“My inspiration for doing the scavenger hunt was the dynamic of our students,” VanHecke said. “It matches the overall dynamic and the type of humor we have in our class.”

As the scavenger hunt was originally planned on April Fool’s Day, there was a humorous aspect to the game. Participants were promised an unspecified prize; however, the prize turned out to be that the scavenger hunt was ‘never-ending’ and had no real conclusion. This was subtly foreshadowed in the announcement made during Bobcat Hour, which claimed ‘the fun will never end.’

“[The class] had to make a plan for writing before they actually started,” VanHecke said. “They had to creatively use their words to communicate a concept in a way that was less direct.”

The first student to figure out the never-ending riddle was sophomore Jacob Elmer, followed by senior Annie Grigsby and sophomores Marissa Thurston and Gaga Sadrakula, who worked as a team.