Forensics Team Wraps Up Season by Preparing for State Competitions


Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

With one, final preliminary tournament for the season at Santa Fe Trail on Saturday, the forensics team, comprised of freshmen to seniors and first-years to fourth-years, has accumulated four trophies, three state festival qualifications, 37 state championship qualifications and 93 medalists. On Saturday, May 4, the State Championship will take place at Salina South High School and Festival with take place at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC).

I’m taking my Dramatic Interpretation to state entitled ‘Choosing Hope’ by Kaitlin Roig-Bebellis. I chose this piece because I wanted a piece that was intense and would draw people into the moment,” said senior Katie Glezen.

During the normal season, the team competed at a total of 13 tournaments and qualifiers from around the state. Each tournament gave constructive criticism to each forensicator, so they can better themselves in their event.

“My performance during the normal season has increased greatly [from tournament to tournament]; I am now more confident. I have better movement and have better volume [when performing],” said freshman Grace Himpel.

As the state competitions get closer, the team will be preparing their respective events in different ways.

My rituals [before tournaments] always include talking to a wall and then having [Rebecca] Knowles tell me she believes in me. After that, it’s all 125s [perfect scores] from there,” said senior Natalie Ridgon.

Those competing in improvisational events, like junior Spencer Tucker, will not prepare a piece or presentation prior to the competition. One of his two events, Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, allows for the use of files for research during the preparation time, which must be downloaded prior to the competition.


Below is the list of the State Championship and Festival teams:

State Championships Team:

  • Lane Barrette (11) – Humorous Interp, Original Oration
  • Natalie Rigdon (12) – Prose
  • Zoie Borders (11) – Prose
  • Madi Messer (10) – Poetry, Dramatic Interp
  • Sydney Krueger (9) – Original Oration
  • Taylor Brownback (12) – Program Oral Interp, Duo
  • Eden Radcliff (11) – Poetry
  • Kniya Harris (10) – Duo
  • Samantha Hughes (10) – Informative Speaking
  • Katie Glezen (12) – Impromptu Speaking, Dramatic Interp
  • Spencer Tucker (11) – Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking
  • Kristian Perez (11) – Prose


State Festival Team:

  • Aiden Ingram (9) – Impromptu Speaking, Duo
  • Samir Sajid (9) – Duo
  • Clarissa Kiefer (11) – Informative Speaking
  • Grace Himpel (9) – Informative Speaking
  • Skylar Halvorson (11) – Duet
  • Levi Cook (12) – Duet
  • Tearyn Jones (12) – Humorous Interp


*Updates, if any, will be made proceeding the Santa Fe Trail tournament*