Senior Academic Awards Recognize Achievement

Written by: Lane Barrette, Co-Editor

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  • Orchestrator Jessica Weick introduces Principal Jarred Fuhrman

  • Senior Payton Richardson receives mathematics department award

  • Senior Britan Dietsch receives excellence in writing award

  • Senior Taylor Brownback receives theater department award

  • Senior Cassie Martin receives debate award

  • Senior Katie Glezen receives forensics award

  • Senior Brandon Rubadeau receives science department award

  • Senior Emily Tady receives art department award and history department award

  • Senior Kyleigh Raun receives spanish department award

  • Senior Brandon Roberts receives french department award

  • Seniors Mikayla Hennigh and Alex Antle receive robotics department award

  • Senior Erica Brady receive business department award, band award and was announced commencement speaker

  • Senior Annie Grigsby receives orchestra award

  • Senior Kaitlyn George receives choir award

  • Senior Bryant Byers receives physical education department award

  • Senior Kate Drennon receives FACS department award

  • Senior Maddison Staatz

  • Senior Trinity Krouse receives journalism department award

  • Senior Simon Stevens receives audio/video department award

  • Senior Colyn Lucas receives carecat award

  • Senior three-sport athletes recognized: Philipe Perez, Olivia Cavanaugh, Kyle Alcanter, David Henderson, Mallory Gallet, Sterling Hollond, Matthew McKnight and Jace Friesen

  • Senior Nolan Ford receives male athlete of the year award

  • Senior Mallory Gallet receives female athlete of the year award

  • Senior Jace Friesen receives Fight like Dylan award

  • Junior Sadie McWilliams receives leadership award

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During yesterday afternoon’s academic awards ceremony,  seniors signed to their intended colleges. Throughout the ceremony, 23 seniors were awarded by a specific department. Below is the list of awarded seniors.

Department Awards:

  • Math: Payton Richardson
  • Reading: Josie Swinford
  • Writing: Britan Dietsch
  • Theater: Taylor Brownback
  • Debate: Cassie Martin
  • Forensics: Katie Glezen
  • Science: Brandon Rubadeau
  • Art: Emily Tady
  • Spanish: Kyleigh Raun
  • French: Brandon Roberts
  • Robotics: Alex Antle and Mikayla Hennigh
  • Business: Erica Brady
  • History: Emily Tady
  • Orchestra: Annie Grigsby
  • Band: Erica Brady
  • Choir: Kaitlyn George
  • Physical Education: Bryant Byers
  • Health: Lindsey Price
  • FACS: Kate Drennon
  • Culinary: Maddison Statz
  • Journalism: Trinity Krouse
  • Graphic Design: Jeda French
  • Audio/Video: Simon Stevens
  • Care Cats: Colyn Lucas

During the ceremony, the graduation speaker was announced. The commencement speaker for the class of 2019 is senior Erica Brady.

I am so honored, humbled and excited by the opportunity to be the commencement speaker. I wanted to do something that would challenge me and push me [out of] of my comfort zone, so I wrote a speech and decided to audition. It is definitely a little scary, but I am so excited to give it my best shot,” said Brady.

Athletic achievements were also recognized. Seven seniors were recognized as being three-sport athletes since their freshman year. These seven can be found below, along with other athletic awards.


Athletic Awards:

  • Three-sport athletes;
    • Olivia Cavanaugh
    • Matthew McKnight
    • Mallory Gallet
    • Philipe Perez
    • Kyle Alcanter
    • David Henderson
    • Sterling Hollond
    • Jace Friesen
  • Male Athlete of the Year: Nolan Ford
  • Female Athlete of the Year: Mallory Gallet
  • Fight Like Dylan Award: Jace Friesen

This year, senior Student Council representatives and officers, as well as senior Student Ambassadors, choose one freshman, sophomore or junior that showed outstanding leadership. This award was given to junior Sadie McWilliams.

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