Forensics Showcase

Written by: Brooklyn Fondaw, Reporter

On April 28, forensic students performed their pieces to an audience. The students that performed all qualified for state. A total of nine students performed: Freshman Grace Himbel, senior Natalie Rigdon, junior Clarissa Kiefer, senior Katie Glezen, sophomore Kniya Harris,  and junior Kristin Perez all performed once. Sophomore Madi Messer, senior Taylor Brownback and junior Lane Barrette performed twice. Brownback and Harris performed a new type of performance called a duo. This consists of two students acting without making eye contact or physical contact. The different types of performances were “Informative” which consists of a topic through a speech and visual representation. “Dramatic Interpretation” is an acting piece that is serious in nature. “Program Oral Interpretation” combines multiple different pieces of literature into one idea or theme. “Original Oratory” is a persuasive speech upon the student’s choosing. “Poetry” is when a student reads and explains a poem. “Prose” refers to a non-memorized piece of literature that can be humorous or dramatic. “Humorous Interpretation” is a piece of humorous work acted out by one individual.

All of the listed categories were performed on Sunday by the forensicators and a common remark from the audience was, “They did so well”. Even Rigdon commented on the student’s work.

“We all were very prepared in all of our events, but we need to improve on the

speed of delivery. (Overall) The entire forensics team did amazing, I’ve seen everyone one on the team work so hard. I know they don’t always like to admit it, but they’re great people and work incredibly hard,” said Rigdon.