StuCo and Student Ambassadors Host Leadership Conference

Written by: Jaedyn Roberts, Reporter

On Tuesday, April 30, members of Student Council and the Student Ambassadors led a leadership conference at the middle school. The conference was originally planned to take place on Feb. 14, with other high schools from around the area, but a rescheduled date and conflicting schedules caused the first conference to be canceled.

“We still wanted the ambassadors to do something with all the activities they had planned, so we decided to get in contact with the middle school ambassadors and see if they wanted to do some sort of leadership opportunity,” said ambassador sponsor Keara Lenard.

The conference brought high school and middle school students together to participate in activities that foster life skills like communication and teamwork.

“I think it was an awesome connection piece. I think we sometimes forget how similar our two groups are; both StuCo and ambassadors at the high school and middle school levels. So, I think it was a good connection… It was also a good opportunity for our high schoolers to do some communication and leadership skills,” said Lenard.

All of the activities at the conference, including an escape room, light tag and a lego building challenge, were student planned and led.

“It really helped us develop our skills and planning and talking to people and teamwork… so a lot of real world life skills were developed during this,” said student ambassador Jenna Zydlo.

This was the first year the event took place at the middle school.

“I wish we did it in middle school because I kind of feel like we missed out,” said Zydlo. “I felt it really would have helped us learn some of those important skills before we came to the high school.”

In the future, the two groups have plans to facilitate a leadership conference with other schools in the fall and continue the conference with the middle school next spring.