Everything to Know about the Experimental Innovation Academy


Written by: Riley Wilson, Reporter

Innovation Academy (IA) is a new educational program that has been added to the Basehor Linwood High School district during this 2019-20 school year. It will allow students to make their own ideas become a reality through project-based learning. 

“I imagine that the flexibility of this opportunity will allow students to walk out of BLHS with a project they feel proud of. Not only will it give college and job opportunities, but students can say, ‘look what I did’, and be proud of it,” said facilitator of the project, Jayme Breault.

Students who participate in this program will be given an opportunity to learn what they want to learn and then show colleges their work. That does not mean this process will be easy. 

“It takes time to develop a quality program. I mean, the dream and the vision are very real and we believe in it with no doubt in my mind. You can’t fix something overnight, so it’s going to take time to get good,” said business teacher and facilitator Cody Ziegler. Ziegler gave his opinion on ho

Though this program will be a learning process for not only the teachers and administrators, but also the students, the vision the creators have for Innovation Academy will become a reality.  

“We just got done with our risk-taking base-line project, and now we’re going to get into our individual ones,” said BLHS senior, Colin O’Donnell.

Innovation Academy is kicking off, and students have begun planning their semester projects. For further information regarding IA, speak to Breault or Ziegler.