Mary Poppins Flies into Production; Knowles Takes a New Approach at Rehearsing

Mary Poppins Flies into Production; Knowles Takes a New Approach at Rehearsing

Written by: Gracie Hermreck, Reporter

This fall, the theater department will be planning, designing and rehearsing to produce the upcoming musical, Mary Poppins. While director Rebecca Knowles feels many of her past musicals have turned out great, this season she will take a different approach to rehearsals. 

This year, many important aspects will be the student’s responsibility, with a club designed to take over roles previously placed on Knowles, Knowles’ mother and play production classes.

 “The club takes care of costume design, makeup and more. Anyone is welcome to join,” said Knowles, the musical’s director.

Knowles has also added delegations within the singers and dancers. Now, rather than Knowles directing each group, a section leader has been assigned to each voice type.

“Having section leaders allows the students more control and gives them an easier way to get extra help with their scenes,” said Knowles. “Opposed to having just one person knowing the dance, we will now have a group of people who will be able to teach the others.”

All of these changes have been made in order to allow the production and its rehearsals to run more smoothly.

“We did this to make our rehearsals more effective, this way we do not have to reteach, and can give the students more responsibility,” said Knowles.

Just like other productions, Knowles feels she has chosen a strong cast.

“Each year I pick the people I feel will be best for each role, this musical is the same. I am excited to work with this year’s cast,” said Knowles. 

Along with Knowles being hopeful that these changes will result in a great production, senior Clarissa Keifer, who plays Mrs. Corry, takes on such role, as soprano section leader.

“I think that these new leadership roles that we are implementing will really benefit the production. It will allow Knowles to adjust fine details and make sure that we are running smoothly weeks before the actual performance.” said Keifer.

The musical will open on Thursday, Nov. 14 and close on Sunday, Nov. 17. The date tickets will be available is to be determined.